Tax or Treat!

Best man?

Sometimes, no matter how many times you say "i'm sorry" it will never be enough.

Melting Ice-cream truck

I have to admit I laughed a lot for this one! Must have been a hot day or something!

Help desk

Oh, if only this were true!

There's no such thing as sharing

I think it's the progression of the pictures that makes it funny for me.

Don't do anything stupid

Girlie Hummer

This has gone way too far!

Firefox crop circle

Aliens hate Internet Explorer. so do I.

Banana Collection

Sometimes a collection, no matter how big or expensive it is, will never make you look smart.

Swiss army knife

Tell me one thing it can't do!

Finding Nemo 2

Ok, this is a little sad.

stupid tattoo

all i can say is "why???"

Aplying for a job at Ikea

How else could you know they can follow instructions?

Funeral Home ad

Finally! A funeral home with a sense of humor!


Job searching

You better be ready for this job!

Seal Smile

He's so Charming!

20 x 20

Oh MAN! A 20 x 20 at In-n-Out! My mouth is watering!

watch where you park!

"god is a sock"

He obviously hasn't found "God" yet

Woman Discovers Chicken head at McDonald's

Nobody's perfect

This is why you should always check before you take off!

Pumpkin Snowman Fight

You don't want to mess with this one!


The quick and easy way!

Charlie the unicorn 2

Here's the always scary second part to Charlie the unicorn.

Charlie the Unicorn

Tippett's Abominable snow dog


Heavy Metal Farmer

He's a farmer, look at him ROOOARRRRRR. Edited/performed by Daveyboyz Thanks to Myles Dyer for the vocals:

Star wars according to a 3 year old

i've seen this one before, but it's got to be a youtube classic.

Korean Baby Singing Hey Jude

OK, this kid knows the lyrics WAY better then i do! LOL