Breaking News: Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality

And we all know who gave it to him...

Nobody is happy

My wonderful wife sent me this video. it's sooo true!

New job: Rules:

I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so funny it made me cry. (or maybe i just need a new job?) lol

New job?

I'm good!

I saw this on tv the other day. i just had to post!

Songs named after Girls

ok, this one is mean to Beethoven, but i still think it's funny. It's true about the names thing, although, i think if i could write a song it would have a cool name: Lindsay.

World Record Fail

Smart Bird

So, from what i understand killer whales eat penguins, so this little guy was trying to get away, but decides to be a little more resourceful.

Explanation Fail

I like this one a lot! you can tell this guy has NO idea what he's talking about.

Border Patrol Fail

Robot Fail

Masculinity Fail

For anyone that wants to see these for themselves it's on I just like to post a couple, because they are so dang funny!

Brat Camp with Dr. Phil

This kid makes you almost never want to have kids. If my LO ever did this... well, let's just say i would make an exception to my spanking rule. lol

"Psycho Bird" 2

Here she is again! I like how she sings her name Popeye. lol.

"Psycho Bird"

Ok, i know the title of the post isn't that flattering to the bird, but i hope you understand why the owner of this one named it that. Here's what was posted:

"This crazy bird sings her name in an operatic voice every time she scratches her head. She also mimics a smoker's cough and clears her throat before belting out some bluesy jazz vocal stylings."

Parrot that sounds like a baby

Ok, this one made me laugh. I thought it was fake at first, but I've seen it a lot of times now and i am convinced that it's not fake.

Laughing Parrots

Here's some parrots having a good time.

A British man’s amazing hidden talent

ok, i don't like the show (even the British version) but you would never expect this from the guy.

spreading the laughter part 2

Speading the laughter part 1

Ok, it's long and really corny, but this guys laugh is SOOOOO unusual that i had to post it! it's really his laugh! One of his kids posted it on youtube. he's actually somewhat of an internet celebrity now. you'll see!