A British man’s amazing hidden talent

ok, i don't like the show (even the British version) but you would never expect this from the guy.

spreading the laughter part 2

Speading the laughter part 1

Ok, it's long and really corny, but this guys laugh is SOOOOO unusual that i had to post it! it's really his laugh! One of his kids posted it on youtube. he's actually somewhat of an internet celebrity now. you'll see!

Tax or Treat!

Best man?

Sometimes, no matter how many times you say "i'm sorry" it will never be enough.

Melting Ice-cream truck

I have to admit I laughed a lot for this one! Must have been a hot day or something!

Help desk

Oh, if only this were true!

There's no such thing as sharing

I think it's the progression of the pictures that makes it funny for me.

Don't do anything stupid

Girlie Hummer

This has gone way too far!

Firefox crop circle

Aliens hate Internet Explorer. so do I.

Banana Collection

Sometimes a collection, no matter how big or expensive it is, will never make you look smart.

Swiss army knife

Tell me one thing it can't do!

Finding Nemo 2

Ok, this is a little sad.

stupid tattoo

all i can say is "why???"

Aplying for a job at Ikea

How else could you know they can follow instructions?

Funeral Home ad

Finally! A funeral home with a sense of humor!


Job searching

You better be ready for this job!

Seal Smile

He's so Charming!

20 x 20

Oh MAN! A 20 x 20 at In-n-Out! My mouth is watering!

watch where you park!

"god is a sock"

He obviously hasn't found "God" yet

Woman Discovers Chicken head at McDonald's

Nobody's perfect

This is why you should always check before you take off!

Pumpkin Snowman Fight

You don't want to mess with this one!


The quick and easy way!

Charlie the unicorn 2

Here's the always scary second part to Charlie the unicorn.

Charlie the Unicorn

Tippett's Abominable snow dog


Heavy Metal Farmer

He's a farmer, look at him ROOOARRRRRR. Edited/performed by Daveyboyz Thanks to Myles Dyer for the vocals:

Star wars according to a 3 year old

i've seen this one before, but it's got to be a youtube classic.

Korean Baby Singing Hey Jude

OK, this kid knows the lyrics WAY better then i do! LOL

Cat vs. Dogs... Again

Ok, here's some pics of cats vs. dogs.

Death star in San Fransisco

Yeah, this is normal. I saw this the other day watching a sunset. ;) Just kidding! Golly!

New Family - Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Ad (Long Version)

Windows is lashing out with their own "PC" ads, however, the point of some of them is kind of unclear! Take this one for example:
Well, i guess we all knew Mr. Gates was a little out of touch with the common pc user, but to advertise it is kind of weird.


Bird Steals from store

Smart bird


I want this!


The Matrix Rebooted

In response to one of Jacob's other videos...

Sandman Confessions

This is my first post!!! I like this one, it makes me laugh

There's got to be a better way!

Have you ever had problems opening a jar? well, so have I! Here's something that might give you a hand...

How NOT to use Powerpoint

Ok, for everyone that has used PowerPoint out there, this one's for you! Take notes! its' good!

Wii Fit Parady

Mac Book Air Parady

Cat fights a printer

Ok, i like this one. READY??? FIGHT!

The Michael Phelps Diet

This is a SNL video featuring Michael Phelps talking about his diet. He is such a bad actor it's really funny! Anyway, congratulations to Michael and I hope he continues to inspire our athletes.

Jay Leno Interviews Sara Palin

Ok, well if you didn't see Sara Palin's interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson then Please click here.

This is Jay Leno's version of the interview! Enjoy!

WARNING: Rated PG for 1 Swear word. (Tone it down Jay!)


Some times it's just not the right thing to say...

Clinton/ Obama Ad

Sorry to put politics in this, but I really think everyone should see this video.

"There can only be one!"


"Andy Punches random people while they are eating." ok, it's a little random, but hey, it makes me laugh.
WARNING: if you don't want to see silly zombies then don't watch this video... because there are some... zombies...in it.

iPhone Parady

iPhone Parody #2


Sure it's convenient, but are there late fleas?

Wild Boar Vs. Lion

Evidence that if you're annoing enough you can get your way with things...

Man lives after impossible accident

This is amazing and when i saw it i had to post! the only funny thing about this is that the translation on the bottom at the end of the video is totally wrong! He just was saying "I didn't think i would live..."

Seeing in HD

This is a Lemur. The video hasn't been doctored in any way other then the time has been  slowed down. LOL

Mac vs. PC

Ok, here's a confesion, i REALLY like Macs, but i can't afford one. i will some day have one, but i don't at the moment. Now with that said, here's a funny commercail parady that i found.

Magic and puppets

This one makes me laugh! It's not so much magic, but hey, you're not really here to see magic are you?

David Copperfield and a duck

David Copperfield! ok, the only reason for this one was i was looking at funny videos on youtube about ducks and this one popped up. ;) What can i say? It's funny! P.S. Sorry for the bad quality of this one.

Kitten falling asleep

For the sake of argument I would like to post this video. My wonderful wife says I do the same thing when i fall asleep.  :)  I really have no idea...

Panda Sneeze

Baby Dress up

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Baby dress up 2

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Two birds and a phone

I just like watching this video. Two birds talking to a phone!

Dog barks non-stop for 6 years!

This is why i don't have this kind of dog. ;)

Patience and Wisdom

Lindsay gave me this one. It really makes you think...


Slightly political. SORRY!

Singing Bunny

Micah made me put this one on. It's kind of strange, but it makes him laugh.

Magic Touch

Ok, this is the BEST Skittles commercial EVER!!!! I always get a kick out of it!

Dogs and Cats

This one is good. The last of the video is a dog that skate boards! If you get tired of watching it then stop, but i think it's awesome. He skates better then me!

Funny Aminals*

I love animals. And i love it when they do really odd and funny things! Here is a compilation by Dude4NL on YouTube. Enjoy!

*yes i know aminals is spelled animals

What people will do for fast food...

i don't like this place that much, but i guess there are some people that would just about do anything for some fast food. :) I totally understand...NOT.

"A good clean feeling. No matter what!"

This one is awesome! Everyone should watch their mouths! Even these people could do it!

Trunk Monkey 6-9

Second part of the compilation. Please see the earlier post for explanation. ;) Just to lazy to say it again.


#8 (WARNING: Contains corny images of aliens. Viewer discretion is advised)


Trunk Monkey 1-5

This is a group of commercials made from an auto company. The purpose of the actual commercial still alludes me, but i sure wish i had one of these!!!






This is an example that it's possible to be friends even when everyone around us says it's never going to work! ;) enjoy!

My own grandpa

"Many, many years ago when I was twenty-three
I was married to a widow who was pretty as could be
This widow had a grownup daughter who had hair of red
My father fell in love with her, and soon they too were wed

This made my Dad my son-in-law and really changed my life
For now my daughter was my mother, 'cause she was my father's wife
And to complicate the matter, even though it brought me joy,
I soon became the father of a bouncing baby boy

My little baby then became a brother-in-law to Dad
And so became my uncle, though it made me very sad
For if he were my uncle, then that also made him brother
Of the widow's grownup daughter, who was of course my stepmother

Father's wife then had a son who kept them on the run
And he became my grandchild, for he was my daughter's son
My wife is now my mother's mother, and it makes me blue
Because although she is my wife, she's my grandmother too

Now if my wife is my grandmother, then I'm her grandchild
And every time I think of it, it nearly drives me wild
'Cause now I have become the strangest case you ever saw
As husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa"

-Ray Stevens

Cross walk prank

This one is cruel, but really funny, so i have to put it on! What would you do in this situation?

Bad Dream

OK, remember, THIS IS FUNNY! Don't be frightened by the jumpiness of the girl in this next SNL clip. Also, to note, to this day i have never woken up like that from a dream. What about you? Please comment!

Pessimism vs. Optimism

So, what are you? or are you one of those people that ponder why there's a glass at all??? ;)

Bird Mocks Toddler throwing tantrum

This is a parrot that mimics the sounds of a toddler throwing a tantrum. Ok, it's still kind of annoying, but the bird is really funny!

Bird mocking toddler


Another food post! This one is also a SNL short commercial about "Taco Town's" new taco! YUM. ;)

Lettuce makes the pain go away

Ok, it's kind of gross and random, but i thought this was really REALLY funny! Enjoy this SNL short skit on how to cope with hard problems in life.

Rover doesn't need a Human!

Well, i thought this was more awesome then funny, but i still will post it because of all the animal lovers out there. (Yes, that's me too) Here's what the person that posted the video said about it:

"I built the ball machine because I thought my dog Jerry, might like it and that it would be something fun for me to build. So after two years of on and off work, with many safety features such as IR proximity sensors to protect Jerry and my son from the machine, I finally complete.

Far from being a replacement for me, I was always right there with him enjoying his fun. And with all the troubles that I went through to build the ball machine, I still end up throwing more balls than that the machine could count! According to the computer, he played with the machine by himself only 3 times in his life."

Fireworks and Hot Dogs

I saw this one a while ago. A dog that doesn't know when NOT to fetch! Enjoy!

Jackie Chan Olympic Commercial

I love Jakie Chan. Here's an Olympic commercial that i thought is really funny. Poor guy i guess has one good thing he can do... be funny.


Funny Alstate commercial.

Spring Accident

I know this is a commercial, but it's really funny! "There will be a deduction on that landing." Ha! Awesome.

Olypic Bloopers

With all the pressure of the Olympics on each and every one of these talented athleats I wonder why there aren't more of these accidents just waiting to happen. LOL.

Who's Awesome?

That's right! Just want to say thanks for looking at the site and hope you have many more laughs to come!


Redneck Mansion

If only i could afford THIS!

Olympics in Beijing

In honor of the Olympic games in Beijing I wanted to post this. It seems that they aren't as ready for the Olympics as they thought.

Cat vs. Lazer

http://view.break.com/545220 - Watch more free videos

I've always wanted to do this to my dogs, but they always just look uninterested.


Ok, this one makes me and Micah laugh every time! I guess in all fairness I would react the same way.

Stealing Tires from the Police

Little old lady had a funny joke! :D

"Van Moves On it's Own!"

I like the pranks that aren't so much about embarrassing the person but are more about confusing or scaring them. This is a good example.


I'm really excited to start this blog! This is my place for what i find funny at least once a day (hopefully). This will include pictures, videos, jokes and personal stories that i thought was funny to me. I hope this will bring the same amount of joy and laughter as it does to anyone that reads, but if not, at least go and try to find something to laugh about today. Every day is a good day to laugh!