Cat vs. Dogs... Again

Ok, here's some pics of cats vs. dogs.

Death star in San Fransisco

Yeah, this is normal. I saw this the other day watching a sunset. ;) Just kidding! Golly!

New Family - Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Ad (Long Version)

Windows is lashing out with their own "PC" ads, however, the point of some of them is kind of unclear! Take this one for example:
Well, i guess we all knew Mr. Gates was a little out of touch with the common pc user, but to advertise it is kind of weird.


Bird Steals from store

Smart bird


I want this!


The Matrix Rebooted

In response to one of Jacob's other videos...

Sandman Confessions

This is my first post!!! I like this one, it makes me laugh

There's got to be a better way!

Have you ever had problems opening a jar? well, so have I! Here's something that might give you a hand...

How NOT to use Powerpoint

Ok, for everyone that has used PowerPoint out there, this one's for you! Take notes! its' good!

Wii Fit Parady

Mac Book Air Parady

Cat fights a printer

Ok, i like this one. READY??? FIGHT!

The Michael Phelps Diet

This is a SNL video featuring Michael Phelps talking about his diet. He is such a bad actor it's really funny! Anyway, congratulations to Michael and I hope he continues to inspire our athletes.

Jay Leno Interviews Sara Palin

Ok, well if you didn't see Sara Palin's interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson then Please click here.

This is Jay Leno's version of the interview! Enjoy!

WARNING: Rated PG for 1 Swear word. (Tone it down Jay!)


Some times it's just not the right thing to say...

Clinton/ Obama Ad

Sorry to put politics in this, but I really think everyone should see this video.

"There can only be one!"


"Andy Punches random people while they are eating." ok, it's a little random, but hey, it makes me laugh.
WARNING: if you don't want to see silly zombies then don't watch this video... because there are some... it.

iPhone Parady

iPhone Parody #2


Sure it's convenient, but are there late fleas?

Wild Boar Vs. Lion

Evidence that if you're annoing enough you can get your way with things...

Man lives after impossible accident

This is amazing and when i saw it i had to post! the only funny thing about this is that the translation on the bottom at the end of the video is totally wrong! He just was saying "I didn't think i would live..."

Seeing in HD

This is a Lemur. The video hasn't been doctored in any way other then the time has been  slowed down. LOL

Mac vs. PC

Ok, here's a confesion, i REALLY like Macs, but i can't afford one. i will some day have one, but i don't at the moment. Now with that said, here's a funny commercail parady that i found.

Magic and puppets

This one makes me laugh! It's not so much magic, but hey, you're not really here to see magic are you?

David Copperfield and a duck

David Copperfield! ok, the only reason for this one was i was looking at funny videos on youtube about ducks and this one popped up. ;) What can i say? It's funny! P.S. Sorry for the bad quality of this one.

Kitten falling asleep

For the sake of argument I would like to post this video. My wonderful wife says I do the same thing when i fall asleep.  :)  I really have no idea...

Panda Sneeze

Baby Dress up

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Baby dress up 2

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Two birds and a phone

I just like watching this video. Two birds talking to a phone!

Dog barks non-stop for 6 years!

This is why i don't have this kind of dog. ;)